A little bit of feedback

As promised please find attached the feedback from the GP’s PLT event and some images from the training Laurie Morgen from Inside Autism/Outside the Box delivered for Lambeth.

Laurie’s is very professional and her training is positive, interactive, informative and entertaining, she is very good at dispelling some of the myths associated with Autism.  

What makes Laurie’s training extra special is that she is an Autistic woman who was diagnosed with Autism in her 40’s, Her training is bespoke, therefore suitable for any audience. 

I will definitely be in touch

The contact of her talk was excellent, feedback from SWs was that they really appreciated having someone on the spectrum there.

3 trainers took her card for their future autism training.

I have said to Laurie that I will definitely be in touch re future co presenting.

LW, The National Autistic Society

Your approach was totally professional

The session was excellent I have been singing your praises all over college.

I am so pleased that you did the session I think the learners learnt loads and I really did too. Hand on heart it was THE best Autism session I have been to and I have been to many over the years.

Your approach was totally professional and gave such an insight into how experiences have shaped you. You are brave to share such personal experiences to enhance understanding of autism.

All learners were engaged throughout and your session has set the tone for all other lessons.

I am glad we have had the opportunity to work together and learn a little about each other.

-LC, Lecturer, Burton & South East Derbyshire College