How Do You know?

How do you know most clubs involving children will have to have had special needs training? Clearly, your boy’s school hasn’t so why would a club be any different?

This was my question to the mother of an autistic child considering Brownies for her autistic daughter. It’s interesting to follow the thread. A commenter replied: “Laurie Morgen she did say a few comments up that she was told that.” As I often reiterate in my training workshops, being a “professional” makes nobody an expert.

Is being simply told something enough? What I was trying to get to the point of was an answer to the question, how do you know? Should we just accept someone’s word on a matter? Or are words cheap? The mother said, as I quoted above, “will have to have had special needs training”. I hope they have and that’s almost as much as I can say. I hope it was relevant and considered the needs of the girl and with respect given to the expert who knows her best. Her mother. In a society embracing inclusion, diversity and the celebration of difference, why is this even an issue?

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