Laurie Morgen of “Inside Autism Outside the Box” has been working with Lambeth Council for almost a year to deliver fun, interactive and informative autism awareness workshops as part of Lambeth’s “Get Clued Up On Autism” awareness and understanding training programme for front line staff.

We have specifically targeted staff that work directly with members of the public, as well as those who just want a deeper understand of Autism, from an autistic perspective.

Feedback from the workshops is always positive and Laurie always manages to deliver the sessions at the correct pace, with the right amount of humour and practical information that attendees can put into practice as soon as they leave the session.

As part of Lambeth’s autism awareness raising stratergy, Laurie was also comissioned by us in partnership with Lambeth CCQ to deliver an interactive autism awareness session to over 70 Lambeth based GP’s and health Care professionals.

Laurie Morgen is a pleasure to work with, she is always punctual and professional she has a brilliant sense of humour and despite sitting in many of her presentations, I always leave with new knowledge and a deeper understanding of Autism.

Malvina Edwards-Drayton

Lambeth Autism Awareness Lead/Commissioning Development Officer
OMG! Spellbinding, Powerful, Incredible story delivered with so much emotion and pace that really left me holding my breath. Held back tears. So emotional. Beautifully and powerfully and authentically spoken. So heartfelt and thought provoking. Simply Brilliant. Needs to be recorded as a TED Talk. Awesome!
Laurie - you are truly incredible and inspirational. Thank you for simply being you!
Thank you so much for the training session today. It's so powerful. Your personal story is an inspiration
Your story and the way you explained about the autism was very informative and interesting, and has made me see things in a different way. And it has made me more optimistic towards certain situations.
Hi Laurie,
We met briefly after your inspirational talk at the above named event last week. My son and I were sitting in the front row, and you almost brought me to tears with your wisdom, bravery and vulnerability. We were both truly touched, especially after you so kindly spoke to my son (who has struggled throughout his life). Just wanted to reach out and thank you again. Wishing you the best and hoping to see you speak more. Warm regards,
I attended your training last week on Thursday and I really learnt a lot in a fun and engaging environment. I find it hard to concentrate for long periods and you engaged my attention from beginning to end.

I was surprised by the amount of info I wasn’t aware of. I also appreciated how much you shared of your own experiences as an autistic person as this really gave me the opportunity to get a sense of how an autistic person experiences the world. I now have a much larger amount of knowledge about autism and will be using this to help autistic children whom I work with to have positive contact sessions with their birth family who they don’t get to see regularly. It also really helped me on a personal level, to understand how autistic family members experience the world around them.

Thank you so much. It was the best awareness course I’ve been on and will be sharing this with colleagues on my team.