We Can All Be a Little Bit Odd

Be the odd sock. Be different. To browse the selection of socks, go to https://oddsockloc.com/

If, like me, you think life is too short to wear matching socks, then you might like this website. Some of us were born to be the odd sock.

I got to know Iain through Twitter (https://twitter.com/oddsockloc) and ordered some of his socks. Very nice they are, too. He’s a man on a mission. As his website says: “Oddsockloc is intended to show the world that odd socks are acceptable, and being different is acceptable.” How cool is that?

Of course I ordered some and they are now my gig socks. This is confession time: I, Laurie Morgen, wear odd socks. Not all of the time. It’s one of those things I started to do on the days I was giving talks or running workshops so discovering Oddsockloc was great. I could wear a pair that wasn’t a pair and I was making a statement: being different is acceptable.

Iain also has some interesting observations about his desire to learn more about autism. You can read some of his thoughts here: https://oddsockloc.com/autism-the-start-of-the-journey-of-knowledge/ . It’s a short but impressive read because he’s coming from the angle of a person who is simply interested. He’s inquisitive and the world needs more of that attitude. It’s clear he’s open minded, which, again, the world needs more of.

I live for the day when different is desirable and it isn’t just about wearing odd socks.

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