Everyone Can Achieve Something

This short film briefly talks about the journey to diagnosis I had with my youngest son. His behaviour had become very challenging from his first day at school and lasted well into his teenage years. His autism diagnosis came 8 months after my own, shortly before his 13th birthday.

I made this video in May/June 2018 from footage I took when my youngest son took me for a drive in his new car. I recently added subtitles, something I had never done before so they are a bit, shall we say, “interesting”.

I scrubbed the background music out and added it back in from a CD to give continuity with the edited film footage and make the sound cleaner. If you are familiar with the 1960s film, The Italian Job, starring Michael Caine, you’ll recognise the Matt Monro track playing in the background. A more appropriate song could not have come over the sound system.

Sit back and enjoy the drive.

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